Lessons learned, innovations and experiments in California State Parks

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California State Parks in the Bay Area

A little over one year ago dozens of California State Parks hovered on the brink of closure due to severe budget cuts. Today, not only are those parks open but many of those struggling parks are now more inviting than ever before.

How long can this revival last? And what happened to all of those parks that nearly closed?

This week I am guest blogging on the Bay Area Open Space Council blog about California State Parks. Visit the blog this week to hear from park experts and nonprofits around the Bay to explore questions like:

  • What happened to the nonprofits that raised thousands of dollars to keep parks open and dealt with the crushing news about financial management in the Parks Department last summer?
  • How is the first-ever executive director at Jack London State Historic Park doing in a park where there is now no state presence?
  • Do people notice the National Park Service in two Marin state parks?
  • What is it like to be a state park ranger in a park operated by a county agency?

If you have tips or stories on how your nonprofit or agency is helping to build a new future for California State Parks, please share.

Do you have innovations to share? Lessons learned? New ideas for sustainability?

Please join the discussion!

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