KQED show on Bay Area science cafe’s

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Purple sea urchin at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, photo by Christine Sculati

Recently, KQED in San Francisco aired a show on Bay Area science cafe’s as a part of the Quest series. The June 26 show featured Ask a Scientist events in San Francisco, hosted by Juliana Gallin. In places like San Francisco’s Axis Cafe, each month a local scientist speaks on a current topic, makes a presentation, and holds a Q&A. This month on July 10, Fred Wilt, Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology, UC Berkeley will talk about sea urchins – the spiny marine animal with no eyes, nose, or centralized brain. The purple ones pictured above live in the tide pools of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve near Montara, California. Some species can live more than 200 years with little sign of aging.

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